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   RCDs Residual Current Devices             Mod. Devices Modular Devices
          - 'AC', 'A' & 'B' Type RCCBs                - Isolators, Time Switches,
            2 & 4 Pole Devices                               Contactors & Auxiliaries.
   MCBs Miniature Circuit Breakers            Switchgear Switchgear
          - 'B', 'C' & 'D' Type MCBs                     - Isolators & Switchfuses
            Single, Double & Triple Pole                  
   RCBOs RCBreakers (with overload)              Accessories Wiring Accessories 
          - 'B' & 'C' Type RCBOs                         - Busbars & Terminals
            Single, Double & Four Pole
   Consumer Units Consumer Units                             Contrel Contrel
          - BS EN 61439-3                                   - Earth Leakage Relays
            Amendment -3,                                        & Digital Meters
   Enclosures Enclosures                                     The Contrel page has PDFs
          - Insulated, Metal &                               of individual products.
            Modular enclosures.                                                
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