Dimensions and Contact Assignments          
Rated voltage	            230 / 400 V ~
Rated current	            100 A/125 A
Breaking capacity	            1.25xIn; 1.1 x Un; cos = 0.6
Enclosure protection	            conforming to DIN VDE 0106 Part 100
Short curcuit resistance         10 ka
Terminal cross-section           1.5 to 25mm²
	                            1.5 to 35mm²
Mounting	                            quick-snap to DIN EN 50022 rail

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TIME SWITCHES - Characteristics
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                       Dimensions and Contact Assignments          
Type                                   Dasy 16	
Rated voltage	          230 V AC  10%, 50-60 Hz
Switch contact                    16 A
Switching Capacity	            
  Incandescent lamps	          3700 W      
  Fluorescent lamps
  - uncompensated               3700 W
  - parallel compensated       3700 VA
  Mercury vapour lamps        3700 VA    
Setting range                       5 - 200 Lux
Make delay                         10s   	                            
Break delay         	           40s                       
Ambient temperature range   -25oC to +40oC
Enclosure protection type      IP54
Terminals                             2.5mm²
Housing                               PC/ABS
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and PG 16 at the back

                       Dimensions and Contact Assignments          

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                        Dimensions and Contact Assignments                                    
Primary voltage	                230 V ~, 50 Hz
Duty cycle	                                100 % continuous duty
Housing	                                grey RAL 7035
Weight	                                240 to 375g according to type
Enclosure protection type	IP 40
Mark of conformity	                EN 60742

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