RCCBs Type 'DFL8 A' Circuit Breaker + RCCB trip
These RCCBs are for use in sinusoidal 50Hz supplies containing "Pulsed DC". e.g. the DC pulse touches or crosses zero between two pulses.
If this is not the case refer to the
'B' type RCCB selection table.
CURRENT RATINGS 100-250 Amp 4 POLES Each unit comprises: 4 Pole Circuit Breaker (Ics 50kA at 4I5 V) with adjustable overload setting (0.8-1 x In) and short circuit trip (6-10 x In). Settings can be sealed via transparent cover. RCCB trip function module (factory fitted) available in 2 versions: DFL8 Settings
Technical Data Optional Enclosure
for DFL8 devices.
                 DFL8-A     non adjustable I Δn
                 DFL8-A X with adjustable I Δn and adjustable time delay.
                 For more detailed information contact our Sales Office 
DFL8 A - non adjustable I Δn = 0.03A
   Product                                           Rating               Reference
  DFL8 100-4/0.03-A              100A          09 164 781
  DFL8 125-4/0.03-A              125A          09 174 781
  DFL8 160-4/0.03-A              160A          09 184 781
  DFL8 200-4/0.03-A              200A          09 204 781
  DFL8 250-4/0.03-A              250A          09 214 781
DFL8 A X- Adjustable I Δn: 0.3A-0.5A-3A
Time Delay: 60-150-300-450 ms
   Product                                              Rating               Reference 
  DFL8 100-4/X-A                     100A          09 169 781
  DFL8 125-4/X-A                     125A          09 179 781
  DFL8 160-4/X-A                     160A          09 189 781
  DFL8 200-4/X-A                     200A          09 209 781
  DFL8 250-4/X-A                     250A          09 219 781