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System 'eurovario'
This modern system benefits from optimum ease of installation coupled with maximum safety.
Busbars - 70 Amp
    Product                                            Ways                Reference
  Forked Single Pole             2              EV-S.G.1.2
  Forked Single Pole             3              EV-S.G.1.3
  Forked Single Pole             6              EV-S.G.1.6
  Forked Single Pole            12             EV-S.G.1.12
Busbars - 125 Amp (central feed)
    Product                                            Ways                Reference
  Forked Double Pole            2              EV-S.G.2.4
  Forked Double Pole            3              EV-S.G.2.6
  Forked Double Pole            6              EV-S.G.2.12
  Forked Triple Pole              2              EV-S.G.3.6
  Forked Triple Pole              3              EV-S.G.3.9
  Forked Triple Pole              4              EV-S.G.3.12
  Forked Four Pole                2              EV-S.G.4.8
  Forked Four Pole                3              EV-S.G.4.12  
    Product                                         Rating                     Reference
  Forked Terminal           70A 25mm²           AS/25.G
  Prong Terminal             70A 25mm²           AS/25.S
  Interlocking                 100A 35mm²           ES/35.G     
Neutral/Earth Bars
    Type (Din-rail mounting)                   Ways                   Reference
  Blue N-bar                             7                  LK/N7
  Blue N-bar                           12                  LK/N12
  Green E-bar                          7                  LK/S7
  Green E-bar                        12                  LK/S12    
    Type                                              Quantity                     Reference
  Module Blanking           6 Module            BLANKSW
  Phase Position              Strip of 5              EV-S-BS